Baton Rouge Housing Initiative



Aug. 27, – 31, 2016 and Sept. 11th,- 16th,2016- The River Center Auditorium and Winbourne Elementry with Baton Rouge flood victims
Your support at work
Initiative Overview
The flooding in Louisiana is likely the worst natural disaster in the United States since 2012’s Superstorm Sandy. Alongside of The Red Cross, United Nations Chaplains and Pastors Association and The Baton Rouge Housing Initiative (BRHI), The Lion’s Den Missions Base is supporting a massive relief operation in Baton Rouge. Our goal….. restore a sense of normalcy to the community by returning families to their homes.
The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) released data estimates over 140,000 homes in the metropolitan area were in flood areas and could have been affected. Livingston and East Baton Rouge parishes appear to have suffered the most damage. BRAC estimates more than $9 billion in damages to homes there. Businesses fared badly as well in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes East Baton Rouge and eight surrounding parishes. BRAC also estimates 12,000 or 35% of all businesses in the region were adversely affected. This number directly affects over 136,000 workers.
With crisis-trained members readied, The Lion’s Den Missions Base was able to mobilize within 48 hours of assignment notification, connecting with local agencies to identify areas of opportunity and structure. Lion’s Den members deployed from August 27,2016 through October 31,2016 to provide food, water and other necessities to those that have been displaced.
Helping Baton Rouge in Two Phases
Phase One: During Phase One, from August 26, 2016 through October 31, 2016, BRHI and TLD  supported local shelters with tangible goods to sustain residences during their transition. 
Direct financial contributions were used to provide:
Foods that meet unusual dietary requirements,
Hygiene supplies and other comfort items,
Supplies needed for children and infants, such as diapers, formula, and toys,
Special items for family members who are elderly or disabled.
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