Rapid Response Team Initiative
  In times of crisis The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is positioned to respond swiftly and efficiency to those impacted adversely. In partnership with the United Nations Chaplains Association TLD launched its Rapid Response & Relief Initiative to support mankind in life’s most trying times.  TLD Rapid Response Teams (RRT’s) strives to deploy into a community within 24 hours to investigate damages while sending team members within 48 hours to support preliminary efforts. TLD and its partners provide direct response in disasters by staging emergency distribution sites to provide essential goods, services and counsel to vulnerable populations.


TLD RRT volunteers are deployed for the purposes of: 

  • Responding to Natural Disasters: TLD is equipped to direct and support restorative efforts as well as provide necessary resources (food, water, shelter and clothing). These service measure are accomplished all while deploying members to provide crisis counseling and spiritual care support. With strong relationships at the local-community level, TLD frequently serves as the contact point and director for hundreds of agencies (food banks, faith-based groups, housing providers, etc.) to effectively deploy to disaster events.
  • Supporting Community & Economic Redevelopment: TLD works with local and federal leaders to establish and deploy long-term strategies to rebuild.
  • Responding to Social Instability: TLD supports communities by acting as a social bridge between citizens and government agencies during periods of social unrest.


     Opportunities to volunteer in TLD’s Rapid Response & Relief Initiative include:

  • Trained Rapid Response Team Member
  • Food Bank Support Staff: grocery handlers, warehouse staff, cargo and passenger drivers, etc.
  • Crisis Counselors
  • Regional Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • Trained Medical Support Staff

To register  as a volunteer for  TLD’s Rapid Response & Relief Initiative go the TLD Volunteer Registration Form or email Jacqueline.brown@themissionsbase.org

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