“Train, Support & Mobilize Where Needed”

The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is a non-profit, community support  based organization powered by volunteers. TLD provides disaster relief, emotional care, spiritual enrichment and material resource distribution to the communities it serves. We have an aggressive goal of training and coordinating teams to deploy material resources and emotional support throughout South Florida and abroad. To reach this goal we enlist the service of gifted individuals who are willing to be trained and mobilized for the service of others. To learn more about our key TLD click the tabs below: 


The Lion’s Den Missions Base fulfills its organizational mission through the development of broad initiatives which are strategically selected to meet the needs of local, national and international communities while opening doors of opportunity for individuals to use their skills and talents.  TLD initiatives allow individuals to match their unique skills with an identified need either directly, supportive as a donor, or as a resource partner.  As such, everyone can connect with an initiative and take a leadership role at some level. 

The only criteria for becoming connected with the Lion’s Den Missions Base is the desire to help others and see lives change for the better. 

Read more about our initiatives below:


Volunteer Mobilization Initiative

The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) believes volunteerism is an important value of our society and has established a dedicated initiative to mobilizing those with a desire to serve. Click here to learn more.

Rapid Response & Relief Team Initiative

The  In times of crisis The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is positioned to respond swiftly and efficiency to those impacted adversely. In partnership with the United Nations Chaplains Association TLD launched its Rapid Response & Relief Initiative to support mankind in life’s most trying times.  Click here to learn more.

Community Support & Redevelopment Initiative

The Lion’s Missions Base is community centric deploying its Community Support & Redevelopment Initiative to meet the needs of America’s neighborhoods.  Click here to learn more.

Life Engineering Initiative

For every architectural blueprint there is an engineer who can bring it to life and purpose. The are many in the world who are seeking their purpose and seeking guidance. The Lion’s Den Missions Base established its Life Engineering Initiative as a means to provide mentorship for those who desire it. Learn here to learn more.

Crisis Counseling & Inner Healing Initiative

The effects of emotional distress on an individual are not always.  In partnership with Broward Transformation Center and Our Children’s Our Future, The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) launched its Crisis Counseling and Inner Healing Initiative to address the emotional and mental trauma of vulnerable populations.  Click here to learn more.

Spiritual, Emotional &  Organizational Leadership Initiative

Seasoned leaders turn ideas into reality and problems into opportunities. The Lion’s Den Missions Base is committed to fostering opportunities for emerging and seasoned leaders to function and grow. Click here to learn more.

Intuitive Listening & Operation Initiative

With many of the world’s citizens experiencing supernatural phenomena in the form of dreams, visions and other indescribable “out of body experiences” there is a need for training guidance. In response to this deficit TLD launched its Intuitive Listening and Operation Initiative as a means to guiding people to an understanding of their intuitive (prophetic) abilities. Click here to learn more.

Prison Outreach & Societal Reinstatement Initiative

The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is intentional and enthusiastic in assisting the formerly incarcerated with their reintegration back into the community. TLD launched its Prison Outreach and Societal Reinstatement Initiative to address the positive development of those exposed to criminal punishment by facilitating their adoption of healthy behaviors ensuring a healthy transition back into society. Click here to learn more.

To find out more on any of these initiatives, or how to volunteer contact our ministry administrator.

Email the Administrator:

 Current & Recent Deployments

The Lion’s Den Missions Base has an aggressive goal of supporting and coordinating leaders to deploy material and developmental resources throughout South Florida and neighboring States and Territories. We use our vast network of governmental, entrepreneurial and ministerial partners to cover geographical hurdles. Through established patlforms, we are able to quickly mobilize and replicate progressive programs throughout all geographical subsets. Find out more about where we have been and are currently serving by navigating through the sub-tabs under “Current Deployments” or clicking the link below:
Volunteer With Us
 The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) believes volunteerism is an important value of our society and has established a dedicated initiative to mobilizing those with a desire to serve. Through the Volunteer Mobilization Initiative TLD deploys Event Based Volunteers (EBV’s) comprised of those who generously give of their time, talent and resources for the betterment of local global communities in need. Though an organization based in Christian faith, from Atheists to Hindus and senior citizens to millennials, our EBV’s represent all walks of life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


As a TLD EBV you support our missions by:

  • Bringing fresh perspectives, 

  • Expanding diversity, 

  • Providing leadership, 

  • Expanding new audiences and markets, 

  • Extending staffing capacity, 

  • Serving as an advocate for our cause to uplift the condition of humanity; and 

  • Donating resources used to support the underserved.

The Lion’s Den Missions Base makes volunteering easy for Event Based Volunteers by:

  • Providing clear and concise training, 

  • Opening the opportunity to serve with TLD to ALL who wish to serve,
  • Offering a clear path to leadership in your desired TLD program initiative,
  • Creating an array of opportunities that are sure to match your desire to participate; and
  • Requiring minimal commitments to serve while you find your best fit.





Invest In Us as We Invest in Others

The Lions Den Missions Base is made up of volunteers who freely give of their time for the betterment of society and individuals in need in the name Jesus Christ. Your financial donations help our charity by giving us the resources that we need to tangibly impact others. Consider stopping by our Missions Base to witness the causes your donation supports. Click on the button below to donate through PayPal. Please send us an email if you’re interested in donating your time or talent. 
Chapel at The Lion’s Den
Led by Dr. Jason Jackson and senior leadership,
The Lion’s Den Missions Base Fort Lauderdale location is transformed for Chapel each Sunday from 10:00am-11:15am
For Agnostics, Atheists and Those of  Other Faiths 
From Atheists to Hindus and senior citizens to millennials, you will find everyone under the sun serving at TLD. You are safe to be embraced here at TLD. We need your skill and perspective to be the best we can be for our communities. When volunteering at TLD, it is not a requirement to attend Chapel, yet you are free to stop in and visit to learn more about our beliefs, as many have.  
TLD was founded to model Jesus in the following ways:
– Focusing on the oppressed and underserved,
– Encouraging relationship over religion (He only ridiculed the religious),      
– Seeking a platform diversity (Jesus often emphasized relationships with those who have opposing views and/or suffered from persecution.) 
Believers in Jesus who attend Chapel at TLD do not believe in “converting” people; rather living a life that provokes interest and desire with an emphasis on actions over words.
For Believers in Jesus
Chapel at TLD will be sure to challenge and expand your relationship with GOD. Those who have attended have expressed the overwhelming presence of GOD noticeably found during Chapel. You will be taught and presented the opportunity to function in your GOD-given gifts and talents.Those coming with an open heart will experience:
– The supernatural nature of GOD,
– In-depth, biblical-based teaching inspired by The Holy Spirit, 
– Character modeled.
Believers in Jesus who attend Chapel at TLD believe that GOD is expressed not in speech alone, but tangibly through character and demonstration of the supernatural.