Chapel at The Lion’s Den
Led by Dr. Jason Jackson and senior leadership,
The Lion’s Den Missions Base Fort Lauderdale location is transformed for Chapel each Sunday from 10:00am-11:15am
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For Your Safety:

  • Wear a Mask if you have underlying medical conditions
  • Make sure your mask covers your nose, mouth and chin.
  • if any of friends or family have symptoms, if you must visit them, wear a mask and social distance

 Agnostics, Atheists and Those of  Other Faiths 

From Atheists to Hindus and senior citizens to millennials, you will d everyone under the sun serving at TLD. You are safe to be embraced here at TLD. We need your skill and perspective to be the best we can be for our communities. When volunteering at TLD, it is not a requirement to attend Chapel, yet you are free to stop in and visit to learn more about our beliefs, as many have.  
TLD was founded to model Jesus in the following ways:
– Focusing on the oppressed and underserved,
– Encouraging relationship over religion (He only ridiculed the religious),      
– Seeking a platform diversity (Jesus often emphasized relationships with those who have opposing views and/or suffered from persecution.) 
Believers in Jesus who attend Chapel at TLD do not believe in “converting” people; rather living a life that provokes interest and desire with an emphasis on actions over words.
For Believers in Jesus
Chapel at TLD will be sure to challenge and expand your relationship with GOD. Those who have attended have expressed the overwhelming presence of GOD noticeably found during Chapel. You will be taught and presented the opportunity to function in your GOD-given gifts and talents. Those coming with an open heart will experience:
– The supernatural nature of GOD,
– In-depth, biblical-based teaching inspired by The Holy Spirit, 
– Character modeled.
Believers in Jesus who attend Chapel at TLD believe that GOD is expressed not in speech alone, but tangibly through character and demonstration of the supernatural.