Prison Outreach & Societal Reinstatement Initiative
The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is intentional and enthusiastic in assisting the formerly incarcerated with their reintegration back into the community. TLD launched its Prison Outreach and Societal Reinstatement Initiative to address the positive development of those exposed to criminal punishment by facilitating their adoption of healthy behaviors ensuring a healthy transition back into society. Our programs will facilitate the development of self-confidence, emotional wellness, and economic equality, creating a foundation for future success.  understanding within three key areas:

     TLD initiative assists those transitioning back into society through:

  • Development of self-confidence through peer-to-peer support provided by TLD’s Life Engineering Initiative volunteers
  • Emotional wellness through on-going counseling care provided through TLD’s Crisis Counseling and Inner Healing practitioners.
  • Economic equality through financially-discounted educational opportunities provided by TLD’s strategic partner Camden University and Graduate School of Theology.

     Opportunities to volunteer in TLD’s Prison Outreach and Societal Reinstatement Initiative include:

  • Mentors
  • Tutors
  • Food Bank Support Staff: grocery handlers, warehouse staff, cargo and passenger drivers, etc.
  • Counselors
To register  as a volunteer for  TLD’s Prison Outreach and Societal Reinstatement Initiative go to
the TLD Online Volunteer Registration Form or email