Crisis Counseling & Inner Healing Initiative

The impacts of emotional distress are not always noticeable. There are millions in the world pressing through life with the silent pains of depression, anxiety and other unseen adversaries.  In partnership with Broward Transformation Center and Our Children’s Our Future, The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) launched its Crisis Counseling and Inner Healing Initiative to address the emotional and mental trauma of vulnerable populations.  Trained TLD volunteers provide emotional and spiritual support through offering “listening ear”, “guided word” or  providing referral to other resources or professionals.



 TLD’s Crisis Counseling and Inner Healing Initiative focuses on providing:

  • Defusing the critical nature of the situations and circumstances,
  • Ensuring the safety of those involved in unsafe environments; and
  • Returning individuals to a state of equilibrium to capably identify and seek solutions to tough circumstances.


Through training volunteers in TLD’s Crisis Counseling and Inner Healing Initiative are able to:

  • Listen actively with concern and empathy,
  • Encourage open expression of feelings,
  • Assist in gaining an understanding of the crisis;
  • Support individuals gradually accept reality;
  • Identify suitable methods of coping;
  • Link those in need with appropriate social services.



To register  as a volunteer for  TLD’s Crisis Counseling and Support Initiative go the TLD Online Volunteer Registration Form or email