Our History


Inspired to Impact


Birthed out of the vision of our Founder, Dr. Jason Jackson, The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is driven by seeing ALL people fulfill their talents and gifts. TLD leaders and volunteers demonstrate compassion and sensitivity in the face of human adversity and life challenges.  TLD has an aggressive goal of training and coordinating teams to deploy material and human resources and support throughout Continental US and abroad. To reach this goal, we enlist the service of gifted individuals, from all walks of life who are willing to be trained and mobilized in service to others. Wherever you live, whatever your background the Lion’s Den Missions Base welcomes your talent.  We use our vast network of government relationships, para-ministries and non-profit partners to overcome geographical hurdles.  In short, once trained we will find a place where your gifts and talents may thrive.


Based on the core belief that there is a great need to transform the societies of the world into active participants, TLD was established to answer the call of creating platforms to mobilize those who wish to serve others. In other words, we turn “seekers” into “doers”.  We solve problems, improve lives, connect with others and strengthen communities, while transforming our own lives to its original purpose.  We initiate partnerships at the local community, regional and national levels, to ensure strategic communication, response and delivery of services in disaster relief.  We mobilize to identify shared interests and pool efforts, weaving them into a plan ready for action.  We demonstrate, educate and provide training for skill acquisition.  We intervene, facilitate and lubricate the wheels of change, bring stability and comfort during times of crises. With your help, we can go even further. We are the Lion’s Den Missions Base.  Join us in this mission to equip, train and mobilize in improving the lives of others.  Everyone who wants to help others is welcome!

Highlights From TLDs First 2 Years

The Lion’s Den Missions Base has an aggressive goal of training and coordinating teams to deploy material and human resources and support across the Continental US and abroad. In an effort to reach this ambitious goal quickly and effectively, TLD members have worked diligently accomplishing the following benchmarks since October of 2015:
  • Established partnerships with the American Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army.
  • Supported Disaster Relief victims in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in Hurricane Season 2016.
  • Raised funds for Disaster Relief for hurricane recovery in Florida, Puerto Rico and Houston in the 2017 Hurricane season.
  • Distributed over 2,000,000 pounds of food through the Tree of Life Food Bank.
  • Acquired State of Florida Department of Education licensing to issue academic certification and diplomas.
  • Established and streamlined the Broward Transformation Center as an independent crisis counseling entity.
  • Senior member of TLD launched the United Nations Chaplains Association as a professional extension of the Lion’s Den Missions Base.
  • Established complete training and certification tracks for TLD’s Rapid Response, Crisis Counseling, Leadership and Mentoring programs.
  • Increased the number of FEMA and American Red Cross trained volunteers at TLD.
  • Rapid Recovery Responder team was deployed to Broward International Airport to provide emotional support and resources to passengers detained at the Airport in the aftermath of a shooting in the Airport in 2016
  • Acquired and deployed a 24 foot GMC 5,500 box truck at a cost of 50% off cost. On the same day the truck was acquired, the Lion’s Den Missions Base received donation of 8,000 pounds of frozen turkeys and delivered these goods immediately to community residents. 
  • Located and assumed strategically located commercial real estate office warehouse space in Fort Lauderdale at a 40% discount.
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