Chapel at The Den 
Interpreting Supernatural Messages to Reveal Destinies
GOD uses signs, seasons, dreams, and visions for believers and non-believers alike. From Abraham to Joseph and Daniel to worldly kings, GOD encountered many with prophetic messages to fulfill a purpose.   Written and developed by TLD Senior Pastor Dr. Jason Jackson, this series will guide you in unlocking your GOD-given ability to understand that past, present, and future through biblical dream interpretation. Join us at TLD Chapel at 11:00 am every Sunday during the month of October to be encouraged by the teachings from Interpreting Supernatural Messages to Reveal Destinies.

This in-depth series covers areas such as: 

* Understanding your authority and ability to interpret the spiritual realm  

* Understanding symbolism and the language of Heaven

* Understanding the art and process of accurate dream interpretation 

* Activating yourself and others in the realm of supernatural interpretation

We believe now more than ever that GOD is raising a generation who will walk in the gifts of interpretation to be a resource to a world that desperately needs an encounter with GOD. We hope you’ll join us to learn how GOD can use you to transform your life, family, and the world! For questions, text us at 855-805-0698.

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