Life Engineering Initiative
 For every architectural blueprint there is an engineer who can bring it to life and purpose. There are many in the world who are seeking their purpose and seeking guidance. The Lion’s Den Missions Base established its Life Engineering Initiative as a means to provide mentorship for those who desire it. TLD Life Engineers have a unique gift for analyzing life’s blueprint and pinpointing the intentions of the Architect. Our Life Engineers are equipped to guide Life Apprentices (or Mentees) in areas ranging from entrepreneurship, relationships and comprehensive understanding within three key areas: from entrepreneurship, relationships, and even spiritual application to name a few.

Life Engineers (Mentors) benefit from participating TLD Life Engineering Initiative by:

  • Leveraging TLD’s proven method to share ideas, try new skills and take risks,
  • Enhancing your capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions for others,
  • Increased awareness of personal biases, assumptions and areas for improvement,
  • Opportunity to develop your social and leadership skills,
  • Expanded networking opportunities; and
  • Experiencing the joy of witnessing others pursue and accomplish their dreams.

Life Apprentices (Mentees) benefit from participating TLD Life Engineering Initiative by experiencing an:

  • Enhanced training and career development,
  • Increased self-awareness and self-discipline,
  • Expanded personal network,
  • Accessible platform/relationship for testing ideas and plans; and
  • Atmosphere for positive and constructive feedback on areas personal development.
To register for  TLD’s Life Engineering Initiative as an Engineer or Apprentice go to the TLD Online Volunteer Registration Form or email