TLD S.W.A.T.=Soul Winning Action Teams

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As a house of worship, TLD launched its Soul Winning Action Team (S.W.A.T.) Training & Deployment Initiative to develop, equip, and deploy Believers to demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus throughout the world.
TLD is aggressively expanding it’s S.W.A.T. Team and is calling you to join the world’s most important act… restoring souls to GOD through Jesus.
Our S.W.A.T. initiative is supported by the coursework and practical training you need to be empowered for soul-winning. 


TLD S.W.A.T. members are deployed in: 

Power-based Evangelism: Employing the supernatural Gifts of The Holy Spirit for the sake of winning the lost. The S.W.A.T.’s Power-based Evangelism demonstrates the unmatched ability of GOD to supernaturally change broken circumstances. It is ultimately an extension of GOD’s love as He penetrates the hearts and minds of the recipient—oftentimes causing immediate conviction, repentance, and salvation.
Soul-based Evangelism: Through the creation of or attendance events (coffee house meet-ups, social events, arts & music functions, sporting events, craft shows, etc.) TLD’s S.W.A.T reached the recipient’s heart by way of emotional, intellectual, and relational appeal. The S.W.A.T.’s Soul-based Evangelism “meets people where they are,” to start/develop long-term relationships in a setting that is comfortable and intriguing to the recipient. Hearts and souls are ultimately won and healed through authentic relationships.

Opportunities to volunteer in TLD’s S.W.A.T. Training & Development Initiative include positions as:

  • SW.A.T. Group Leaders
  • Prophetic Intercessory Leader
  • Community Integrators
  • Life Engineers (Spiritual & Emotional Mentors)
  • Social Media Support Staff
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Training & Development Staff
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S.W.A.T. Plan of Action 

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