The Experience

The Experience:  Prophetic Soaking and Worship Service

How much do we look forward to Fridays?  Believers and non-Believers sound the same when you hear someone say, “Thank GOD it’s Friday!!    Everyone knows about “TGIF!”  Thoughts rush in about resting and relaxing – calming down from the week.  You want to go somewhere and just rest – reset your heart, mind and body.  It may come to mind that ADONAI set this time from the Creation of the world.  HE gave us six days to labor and the seventh  for rest.  It is called sabbath rest.  It was made for man. (Genesis 2:2)

 It begins at sundown on Fridays.  The Lion’s Den Missions Base does Friday nights!  It is an appointed time established by GOD to meet with HIM.  You can meet with HIM and HE is there to meet with you.    It is the Shabbat of the LORD set aside as a time of rest.  When your week is hectic and SEEMS overwhelming, what greater benefit is there than to experience ADONAI’S nearness through worship and prophetic soaking.  This is an atmosphere in which there is more than enough glory to restore, reconcile, reinvigorate, and even rescue you to begin all over again;
to r-e-s-e-t (r-e-s-t you get it?) yourself.  Yes, you can reset yourself naturally and supernaturally in this atmosphere.  Charged by a cloud of the glory of the LORD, enter in and receive the benefits of HIS goodness which HE freely gives.

PSALM 16:11

YOU will show me the path of life; In YOUR presence is fullness of joy; At YOUR right hand are pleasures forevermore.  In this atmosphere, the glory of the Lord comes; you are welcomed to recharge yourself and








Some look for a high – yet what they are really in need of is THE MOST HIGH!  HE is patient and patiently waits for you to Repondez s’il vous plaitRSVPrespond – to HIS INVITATION.
Where:      The Lion’s Den Missions Base

                5440 NW 33rd Ave Suite 102,

                    Fort Lauderdale FL 33309.
When: Every Friday from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
If further information is needed, please email: