Collier City Apartments Pompano
Family First  Initiative
 Initiative Overview
On April 1, 2018, subsequent to the sale of their building, the 18 working-class families of Collier City Apartments (CCA) received notification to vacate. With the new landlord requiring nearly double the current rents, the building’s families are faced with what could appear as an impossible hurdle.  The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is leading an extensive response and relief operation to support the beautiful families of Collier City Apartments.  Comprised mostly of single-mother led households, the residents are emotionally devastated, beyond words.
TLD is committed to quickly restoring a sense of normalcy to the men, women and children impacted by this circumstance.
Launched in October of 2015, TLD’s South Florida Community Support & Redevelopment Initiative has served tens of thousands and seeks continue its impact through its CCA Family First Initiative. Join TLD supporting through your donation of time and/or resources.
Partners needed include: real estate & law professional, counselors, packers, community-based non-profit service providers.
Volunteers needed include: movers, drivers, home-repair personnel, mentors, counselors, monetary donors and more.

Phase One: Housing Relocation Response

In this phase TLD will identify housing for 18 families by providing:

  1. Housing Location: TLD will focus on the identification of landlords with available apartments.
  2. Monetary Donations: TLD will leverage is volunteer base to provide families with monetary assistance needed for lease security deposits, utility deposits and transportation to/from new locations.
  3. Emotional & Spiritual Care: TLD will leverage is crisis-trained volunteer base along to provide families emotional support before and during the move
  4. Relocation Support: Assistance with moving: trucks, man power and moving supplies (i.e. tape, blankets, newspaper, boxes).

Phase Two: Family Recovery

Once settled in their new dwellings, families will require critical items to give them a jump-start. TLD will provide:

  1. Furniture & Supplies: TLD will source and supply items such as mattresses, bedding, toiletries, towels, curtains, toys, diapers, lighting, cleaning supplies.
  2. Groceries: Through is sister organization, The Tree of Life Foodbank, TLD will supply non-perishable foods
  3. Peer-to-Peer Support: TLD will leverage it mentorship-trained volunteer base to provide both adults and children with the emotional support and strategic planning needed to advance their lives. TLD members will provide peer-to-peer support in areas of finances, relationships, career, academics, spirituality and more.
TLD Serving South Florida Year-Round
Beautiful South Florida is world-known for its beaches, shopping and yachting. Though uncommon wealth can be found in the area, there is also an underserved demographic of those in need of economic opportunity. Family poverty rates continue to increase in the area, although 60 percent of economically-poor families have at least one working adult. According to 2014 population estimates, in SFL areas such as Broward County, nearly 15% residents are under the poverty line. 

In partnership with Tree of Life Food Bank (, TLD mobilized a long-term effort to assist with providing social and economic opportunities through the establishment of two community resource sites: 

The Village Mobile Home Park (The Village): Owned and managed by Riverstone Communities (Riverstone), located in Florida, The Village Mobile Home Park is home to over 500 families. With the community being primarily comprised of families earning income under the poverty line, TLD partnered with Riverstone to deploy a long term social and economic impact campaign. In July 2016, TLD began supporting the over 1500 residents with weekly grocery deliveries, peer-to-peer program support, free children’s summer programs, tutoring, and language assistance.

The First Step Sober Home (First Step):First Step provides programs which serve as alternatives to incarceration, as well as rehabilitation services from the disease of addiction through a strict program of recovery.  Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, the group has earned a vendor number (3MJ) as a recognized institution for alternative housing by the state of Florida Department of Corrections. In May 2017, after executing a Memorandum of Understanding with First Step, TLD began supporting the over 300 residents with bi-weekly grocery deliveries, peer-to-peer program support, and educational opportunities.


Ways to Support the CCA Family First Initiative

You can contribute to the CCA Family First Initiative by Donating  Your Talent & Smile as an Event Based  Volunteer and/or Contributing Financially:
  1. Donate Your Talent & Smile as a TLDVolunteer

The Lion’s Den Missions Base is a volunteer driven organization which serves platform for all who wish to serve others. You can register to volunteer online via the form below or attend our next volunteer open house:

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  1. Contribute Financially
Powered by volunteers 100% of donations to TLD events are disbursed for the intended cause. In fact, TLD is driven to providing goods, services and resources to the end-user. You can rest assured that your resources will make it to where it is needed most. We strongly encourage our financial donors to attend TLD community events when available. Click the button below to donate securely online. By clicking below you will be re-directed to the Tree of Life Food Bank’s website at
Volunteer With Us  
The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) believes volunteerism is an important value of our society and has established a dedicated initiative to mobilizing those with a desire to serve. Through the Volunteer Mobilization Initiative TLD deploys Event Based Volunteers (EBV’s) comprised of those who generously give of their time, talent and resources for the betterment of local global communities in need. Though an organization based in Christian faith, from Atheists to Hindus and senior citizens to millennials, our EBV’s represent all walks of life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


As a TLD EBV you support our missions by:

  • Bringing fresh perspectives, 

  • Expanding diversity, 

  • Providing leadership, 

  • Expanding new audiences and markets, 

  • Extending staffing capacity, 

  • Serving as an advocate for our cause to uplift the condition of humanity; and 

  • Donating resources used to support the underserved.

The Lion’s Den Missions Base makes volunteering easy for Event Based Volunteers by:

  • Providing clear and concise training, 

  • Opening the opportunity to serve with TLD to ALL who wish to serve,
  • Offering a clear path to leadership in your desired TLD program initiative,
  • Creating an array of opportunities that are sure to match your desire to participate; and
  • Requiring minimal commitments to serve while you find your best fit.