Blueprint for Hearing GOD
8-Week Series
Ever wonder the meaning of your dreams? Ever see things before they happen? Do you have a desire to help other find the purpose?
Push through  2021  by learning to “See the Unseen” and “Hear the Unheard” in this 8 week teaching beginning Sunday, January 10th, 2021, as Dr. Jason Jackson teaches from his book “The Blueprint for Hearing GOD”. 
With many of the world’s citizens experiencing supernatural phenomena in the form of dreams, visions and other indescribable “out of body experiences” there is a need for training guidance. In response to this deficit TLD launched its Intuitive Listening and Operation Initiative as a means to guiding people to an understanding of their intuitive (prophetic) abilities.

Designed to encompass scientific terminologies with a biblical basis TLD’s initiative trains volunteers to uncannily impact the world around them with positivity.  This series is designed to equip both new and mature Christians alike, in having an intimate relationship with their Creator. Each session will include opportunities for practical application. The program includes team collaborative study, practical exercises and course reviews. 

Series Topics 

  • Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Understanding the World’s Need for the Prophetic People
  • Understanding The Supernatural Origin of The Human
  • Navigating Through the Prophetic Realm
  • Interpreting and Identifying Dream
  • Identifying the Purpose and Spiritual Gifts of Others 
  • Using the Prophetic to Positively Influence The Lives of Those Around You
  • Managing Prophetic Words
  • Propelling Destiny Through Prophetic Prayer
  • Maintaining Spiritual Authority in Unseen Realms

    Prophetic Service & Teaching 

    When: Every Sunday from 9:45am-11:30pm

    This powerful Series will be held at The Lion’s Den Missions Base every Sunday during the 8-week period and include team development, read more below.
    Where:  The Lion’s Den Missions Base

                5440 NW 33rd Ave Suite 102,

                 Fort Lauderdale FL 33309.


Team Development (PPD)

When: Every Sunday from 11:45am-12:15pm

Why: Series participants with gather in teams for 30-min increments, to review the “Skill of the Week” guide on another through weekly demonstration. All teams will be led by TLD senior leaders.
Where:      The Lion’s Den Missions Base 

                5440 NW 33rd Ave Suite 102, 

                Fort Lauderdale FL 33309.


Prophetic Team Certificate Ceremony: 

When: Sunday, March 1, 2021 11:00am- 12:00pm 

Why: Participants will be receiving their TLD certificates of completion graduates will have the opportunity to participate in weekly training seminars and meetings post- graduation 


Where: The Lion’s Den Missions Base 

                5440 NW 33rd Ave Suite 102, 

                Fort Lauderdale FL 33309.

As a certified TLD Intuitive Listening member you will be equipped to make an impact by: 

  • Understanding their own GOD-given metaphysical and intuitive abilities,
  • Identifying innate abilities in other; and
  • Deploying systematic strategies to understand current and pending eve  

Opportunities to volunteer in TLD’s Intuitive Listening and Operation Initiative include:

  • In-field trainers
  • Team leaders
  • Classroom-based teachers
  • Spiritual & emotional support staff


Is there a cost to attend the series?

Participants may attend free of cost. Those interested in purchasing the guide may do so at a discounted cost. 

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

There are no ID or age requirements for this event.

Do I need to bring anything?

Be sure to bring materials to take notes and a desire to learn. Also consider fasting for greater results during practical application.

Anything for Children?

Yes! Our Children’s Ministry is excited to support you in providing a solid biblical foundation to you kids.

How can I learn more? 

Learn more about TLD’s Intuitive Operation Initiative:

Email us at:


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