Chapel at The Den 
Interpreting Dreams to Reveal Destinies
Overview   Across centuries and cultures people have sought the meaning and source of their dreams. Do our dreams contain hidden messages? Are dreams only derived from the mind? Does GOD speaking to us through dreams?

Dr. Jason Jackson has developed a comprehensive series to guide you in unlocking your GOD-given ability to understand that past, present and future through biblical dream interpretation. Join us at TLD Chapel, 10:00am every Sunday during the month of November to be challenged and encouraged by the teachings from Interpreting Dreams to Reveal Destinies

This in-depth series covers areas such as:

* Understanding your authority and ability to encounter the supernatural through dreams,

* Understanding symbolism and the language of Heaven,

* Understanding the art and process of accurate dream interpretation, and

* Activating yourself and others in the realm of supernatural dreams and interpretation.

Chapel @ The Lion’s Den Missions Base
The Lion’s Den Missions Base (TLD) is a non-profit, community support focused organization powered by volunteers. Every Sunday at 10:00am TLD transforms into Chapel to provide in-depth teaching to those interested in learning about the teaching of Jesus and HIS desire for mankind. Whether you are a mature Believer, new to Christian Faith or are simply curious, Chapel is open to all.

Not interested in attending Chapel at TLD but want to serve volunteer? Great! TLD Event Based Volunteers represent all faiths, ages and cultures by uniting under one simple principle, “servanthood”. To learn more about volunteering with TLD go to .