TLD Volunteer Open House 
TBA at 9:00am
The Lion’s Den Msions Base believes volunteerism is an important value of communities and is dedicated to providing a platform for ALL who wish to serve others. As a TLD Event Based Volunteer (EBV), you will have the opportunity to serve and be trained according to your heart, at your own pace. Though an organization founded in Christian faith, all are welcome—from Atheists to Hindus and senior citizens to millennials. TLD volunteers represent all walks of life, and are welcome to serve others in one place: The Lion’s Den Missions Base!
Areas of volunteer support include:
-Prison Outreach and Restoration
-Peer to Peer Support
-Disaster Relief
-Crisis Counseling
-Food Bank Support

Please take a quick moment to complete the volunteer registration below:

We look forward Saturday TBA at 9:00am @ The Lion’s Den Missions Base!